Adopting neglected 9 month old puppy. Help!

Hey guys I'm kind of new here(:
Alrighty, so here's what going on. My fiances sister got a puppy from their grandparents about 8 months ago. Every time we go over to her house he's locked up outside completely abandoned. I asked her about it and she told me he's "Never been allowed inside because he's hyper" I have a really soft spot for animals an automatically felt so much sadness for this dog. He gets fed and water but no one EVER plays with him or even goes out there to see him. So last night she left out of state for the night and it was in the 30's outside. She told me not to let him in but when she left I had to. I made him a bed in the laundry room and put out food and water and turned on the heat so he would be warm. The second I opened up the door he ran inside shaking like a leaf. I sat down to get to his level and this poor puppy ran full force into my arms for warmth and stayed there until he feel asleep (he's about the size of a lab but short hair)
I stayed there as well until he woke up, I spent the rest of the night teaching him how to sit and stay with treats. After a long night I went to my fiance and told him enough is enough we're adopting him.
Now that you know the background story, my question is how do you calm down a dog who has so much energy from being left alone for so long and will he be okay with my other dog Zeus? Zeus is a 6 month old German Shepard lab mix and is extremely smart and trained for his age. I let them play together last night (supervised of course) and they did great, really seemed to love each other. But how do you know your dog is okay with getting another dog? I know I just asked SO many questions but if anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated(: Thanks

Asked by Member 1157896 on Mar 4th 2013 in Other Adoption & Rescue
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O.k so first, thank you for getting that poor puppy out of a bad situation. 2nd, this will take a lot of work, so please be prepared. Now you have 2 puppies....hard work. So tons of exercise, take him for a couple walk a day, take him to a dog park to run, play with him lots, short sweet training sessions a few times a day, mental stimulation is just as important as physical. A tired dog is a good dog, so again, walks and tons of exercise throughout the day. Keep in mind he will probably be crazy hyper for a while as he has had no love and been outdoors so he will be overly happy and overly stimulated for a while but once he gets the hang of the house rules it will be fine. Do not leave the pups together alone, supervise always, and watch for signals that they are becoming annoyed. If it becomes to much for one of them separate them for a break. You will learn the signals quickly. Good luck with this and good on you for what you are doing, if you need more help feel free to paw mail me

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