Adopted dogs recent aggression

Last January, my boyfriend and I adopted a puppy from a shelter. She is a cocker spaniel mix. When she was a puppy, she would growl a lot if you picked her up when she didn't want you to, but she would never bite you, and she seemed to grow out of it. She is now around 1.5 years, and has been getting increasingly aggressive towards certain things. If she has a bone and you need to take it away - she will growl, snarl, and will bite you if you try to take it away. The same goes if she is in a chair and I try to move her. I know that if I proceed, she will bite. I have a older yorkie that I know would NEVER growl, snap, or bite me, so I am completely heartbroken over this. I feel like I cannot trust her. I have read that you can train them to "drop" the bone, or "off" to get off furniture, but it's hard knowing that she would bite me. I do not want to return her to the shelter, but I just cannot have a dog that may bite me. Any advice... ??? :(

Asked by Member 1166445 on Apr 22nd 2013 in Behavior & Training
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