About how long do German Shepherd mixes live?

My mom has a GSD mix, we aren't sure what percentage is German Shepherd or what other breeds are in her mix. All we know is that she looks like a GSD mix and that is what she was listed as at the shelter. She weighs about 45lbs. About how long do GSD mixes live?

Asked by Leela on Apr 24th 2012 Tagged germanshepherd, gsd, germanshepherdmix, gsdmix, lifeexpectancy in Health & Wellness
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It depends on how well cared for she will be... If I'm gonna guess and assume she has a good healthy happy life, I'll say between about 13-16yrs. Pure GSDs generally don't live to a super old age. All the ones I've known were about 11-14 when they went...

Would love to see pictures :)

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