A male dog try to tie on my 10 month puppy but in less than a minute a went and stop it. Can be pregnant?

Today I took my puppy(10 month) for a walk to the park. A male dog try to tie on her but in less than a minute a went and stop him. The problem is that for less than 5 minutes she was playing with other dogs in an area I could watch her. As soon as I put her in the car, I noticed a blood spot on the clothe she was sitting and a strange smell like blood period. No other sign before or after that fact appeared. I am not sure If she was in a heat and I didn' t realise it. And I am really worried, if there is a chance to become pregnant. Although she is 10 months and she lives in a flat all the day, I haven't noticed to be in a heat yet.

Asked by Member 1155252 on Feb 14th 2013 in Puppies
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If a dog has tied with her then there is every possibility she will become pregnant. At 10 months old she is FAR to young to have puppies so your best bet is to have her checked over at the vet and ask for his advice from there. I think there is an injection that can be given to bitches called a mismate jab that might be a good idea in your situation, but your vet can give you all the help and advice you need.

Do NOT allow your dog out of your sight while she is in heat and do NOT allow her to interact with other dogs from now. I used to wait 6 weeks in total before allowing Missy to interact with other dogs to be on the safe side. Walks were around the block, late at night, no off lead time and she was supervised in the garden too, even with 6ft fencing surrounding it.

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