where should i get a dog

i want a German Shepherd dog and don't know were to get one

Asked by Member 1157112 on Feb 26th 2013 in German Shepherd
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German Shepherd Dogs are my heart breed. They are a serious dog and are NOT good for novice owners. They are high drive dogs that, while biddable, will test you every single day in some way or another. They take a long time to mature, and go through 2 critical fear stages.They NEED a job; these are not couch potatoes, or even weekend warriors. If handled/trained poorly, a gsd can be a nightmare. My 8 yr old gets an hour long walk/day & my 3 year old gets 2+ hrs/day.
Please do tons of research on the breed. Look into all the potential health issues. ONLY buy a puppy from a reputable breeder who has done health testing, titled their dogs, have good pedigrees. Do not buy from a back yard breeder, pet store, craigslist, or the newspaper.
An older dog from a rescue would be a better choice. You can meet with the rescue & they can find you a good match.

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