What is the safest and most effective heart worm medication and flea and tick control on the market for adult Dobermans.

Which flea control/tick and heart worm protection is best to use for my 27 month old Doberman.I have concerns on some of the controls on the market with reports of causing seizures,confusion,skin irritation and hair lost in the application area as well as not actually providing protection.

Asked by Member 1157810 on Mar 3rd 2013 Tagged doberman, flea, tick, heartworm, protection, product, safety in Heartworm Control
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The side-effects of these medications are honestly quite minimal.

Heart Guard is a good heartworm preventative. All that's in it is ivermectin, which is commonly used to deworm horses. If horses, as sensitive as they are, can handle it, it's fine for dogs.

As per flea and tick medications, I generally don't recommend them unless you do have a prevalent pest problem in your area. Flea/tick treatment has always been up in the air on effectiveness. Some pests are immune to the treatments of one brand but not another. It's a matter of trying them out. Frontline and Advantage are two well-known ones. Promeris and Advantix are toxic towards cats, and Promeris can be harmful to other dogs and children until dried.

The supplement I give my Dobe has small amounts of garlic in it, which is a natural pest deterrent. That's another, more natural option to consider, but be wary since Dobes do have genetic blood problems. Don't overdo anything with garlic as it can cause anemia.

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Ivermectin is not totally safe for all dogs. Dobes should be Ok, but herding breeds like border collies, shelties, some shepherds, should not take it.
Also..studies on garlic do not totally support it's benefits as a flea repelent & it will do nothing for heartworm.
Talk with your vet. I use Sentinel on my guys

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As far as I know, garlic is toxic to dogs in large amounts and does not do anything to control fleas etc

Heartworm: Can you get a heartworm injection? That way you only have to get it done once a year.

Fleas: My vet recommended Comfortis for fleas which seems to be working well for mine after a particuluarly bad flea season. It's a tablet you give them monthly, and you don't even have to give it to them that often, just when you notice they have them. Things like Frontline and Advantage no longer seem to have the same effect on them because they've been around for so long and fleas seem to have grown fairly resistant to it.

Ticks: There's no sure-fire way to guard against ticks from the research I've done. We usually put tick collars on ours for the tick season, but we also check them daily from head to toe to see if we can find anything on them.

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