Switched to Raw Food. It's been 2 weeks and very few, runny poops. I'm very concerned but also inexperienced!

She is a 2 year old, 50 lb mutt. I've switched her to raw food and she loves it. I've been giving about a pound a day. A little bit of cow liver and chicken breast and other days, different parts of a whole chicken, cut up. She seems healthy and happy but she hasn't made a real poop in forever! She squats and looks confused when nothing is coming out. I've given her canned pumpkin to help move things along and she had a slick poop. Since then she has had very few diarrhea-y poops but there is barely anything there. I don't know if I'm over reacting because other than that, she seems perfectly normal. I've felt her belly and pressed and prodded and no pain response and nothing feels weird... I'm afraid/embarrassed to take her to the vet, especially if I shouldn't be worried... BUT I AM! I don't have a job and I'm afraid they will try to use my worry for her health to order things to treat her that she doesn't need... Anything would be great. Thank you.

Asked by Member 1194956 on Oct 18th 2013 Tagged rawfood, poop in Raw Food
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