service dogs and leashes?

Why is it that the only time my service dog has to be on leash is when I take him on a walk in an open space park. When he's in public around kids nobody worries about him but when I take him out for a walk the park rangers freak out. There like your dog could bite anybody at any second and all this other mindless stuff. So I tell them "Your the only one that thinks that and you don't know the first thing about my dog". Since he is a pit bull mix I have had police dog trainers show up at places like the gym to check him out and they all say the same thing Jethro is a stud, he's better off leash than on. The kids all love him even people that are scared of dogs tend to like Jethro, after a few weeks. This is still America right?

Asked by Member 1119496 on May 8th 2013 in Service & Therapy Dogs
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If your dog is off duty, he is subject to the same LAWS all the rest of us must obey. And, from what I know, your SD would be in harness/leash when on duty. So not sure what you're asking.
And I flagged your other post for inappropriate, offensive language. Dogster is an all ages site.

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