My 5 month old Weim is currently eating Innova Large Breed Puppy food. Is this food good for him? Does anyone else feed?

Asked by Gunner on Dec 27th 2012 in Food & Nutrition
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Yes! Innova is a top quality dog food, good for those high-energy, high-nutritional-need weimar's!

Although I don't necessarily agree with top quality dog food and the top quality prices, I too, have a Weimaraner. He's a senior and he eats Innova Senior. Owning a dog is a privilege and their food prices are totally inflated. Just because people want to eat all this organic, gluten-free food, our dogs do too? I trust that dogs can balance their own diets naturally; they once hunted for themselves & are guided by instinct. To find out more about dogs, please visit

Have fun with your Weimar, he'll grow up fast! Make sure to show him strong direction and enjoy his clowning. He'll bring years of challenges, but mostly love & fun like my old fuzzy buddy:)

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Innova is an OK food, it's not the best as there's better foods to feed than Innova.

Merrick is a great food to feed, learn more about Merrick at

Merrick has a selection of grain free dog foods. This is a plus for any dog because dog's don't need grains in their diets.

Merrick is one of the best dog foods that you can feed to your dog. There's many different formulas to choose from which makes it easy to choose the perfect one to feed to your dog.

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