Have a 10 week old staff that is scared of the lead how can I change behaviour ?

Asked by Casper on Nov 28th 2012 in Leash Walking
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You should first get a collar and keep the collar on till he gets used to it, then introduce a leash to it.Any light weight, thin leash is fine for this step. You can buy your puppy a fancy leather leash after he is properly leash trained if you choose. All you need to do is clip the leash onto his collar, let him check it out and drag it around the house (always under your supervision). He'll forget about it after a while.

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Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

I agree with the collar suggestion. With the leash, you can put it on the floor with a bunch of treats near/on it. Let him/her go over and get the treats. Repeat it until he's comfortable with it. Then you can put it in your hand and scratch his favorite itchy places with it, like behind his ears or on his chest. The idea is to let him think good things come from the leash. Once he's used to it, you can put it on him and give him lots of treats while you do it. Good Luck!

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Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs

you gotta let him get used to it. sniff it, check it out. take baby steps. then once you get it on him let him drag it around but dont pull on it. extra advantage if you have him wear it outside. a good trick is to do that. then they end up peeing on the leash. then the leash becomes theirs. charlie does alot of off leash work. in alot of those situations he still has a leash attached to him that im not holding or i am in a public area and i am useing his 50 ft leash. he eventually pees on his leash. inevitably someone has to come up with a horrified look ans says," hey, did you know ur dog just peed on his leash?" i just look and smile saying "it's ok it's his leash' :)

Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs answered on 11/28/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Woofie  1988 - 2001

Your baby needs time...he's still very young.
Build positive association to the collar and lead by using the lightest weight you can and include the collar and lead more often for short periods of time during meals and training when food rewards are offered.
Reward your puppy for allowing you to put on the collar and leash. Make a big deal about it.
When you remove it, end the interaction with the puppy...DO NOT REWARD OR PRAISE when removing the leash.
Don't pull on the leash. If you pull the natural inclination of a dog is to pull the other way. Use toys or food to get puppy to walk on the leash. Start in the house and yard, your puppy will not want to go far from home.
Please work with a good trainer. A timid dog can become a fearful biter if handled harshly. A Golden retriever would get a second chance, a Pit Bull won't.
Good luck with your baby :-)

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