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Good dog for first time owner?

I really want to get a dog, but my boyfriend isn't much of a dog person. I've owned dogs all my life (ridgeback, Rottweiler, border collie X, terrier X )but my boyfriend has only ever been around the dog his mom adopted which was a border collie/lab. She was a first time dog owner and didn't put effort into training or exercising. So he doesn't really want to get a dog. I want to see what breeds I should look at that are first time friendly.

Asked by Annie May on Jul 24th 2013 Tagged first, dog, breed in Choosing the Right Pet
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Check out dog rescues in your area. There are so many good dogs at rescues and some are very well trained. Look into an adult dog. If you're a first time dog owner my recommendation would be to look into rescues and a get a well trained, laid back, adult dog.

answered on Jul 25th.

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Rescue greyhounds r big, but they r very first time friendly and since they r in foster homes most rescues will know alot about the dog and be able to pick a greyhound for u that will be good for a first time dog owner.

Sandy answered on 7/24/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Kali earned her wings 10/21/14

If he doesn't have any experience with dogs, then I would recommend either a Boston Terrier or a Pug. They make very nice companion pets especially for someone who has never owned a dog before. Good Luck!

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Well if your boyfriend really doesn't want a dog I wouldn't force him into the decision. That said, if he's open to the idea I'd look into rescuing an older dog with some basic training and house manners in place. If you're keen to go the purebred puppy route, I'd suggest small companion breeds as generally good first time dogs. A Cavalier King Charles is always a popular recommendation, but you do have to be extremely careful when choosing a breeder as the breed is prone to quite a few serious health issues, and therefore breeders should have extensively health tested dogs.

Missy answered on 7/25/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


If you and your boyfriend are living in the same place, I really do not think you should buy a dog. If he really doesn't want one, I think it would be unfair on him and the dog. Maybe you could become a volunteer at a home for dogs. That way you could play with them, give them baths, take them for walks,give them love, etc and it wouldn't be disrespecting your boyfriend.

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