9 year old spayed mutt having false pregnancy? Is it possible?

Sandy, my grandparents' 9 year old spayed hound/husky/corgi mix, is constantly bothered by Buddy, their two year old mini Aussie and he trys to mate with her. She had a litter once seven years ago by accident, and then we had her spayed. Now, after Buddy does such a thing, Sandy will go hide in her dog house, where she never goes, starts hiding her stomach, and won't try to snap at Buddy when he tries to mate with her like she usually does. Is it possible for her to have a false pregnancy if she's spayed?

Asked by Buddy on Oct 18th 2013 Tagged falsepregnancy, spayed, pregnancy, seniordogs in Pregnancy
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It is only possible IF her ovaries were not removed during the spay, which is seldom done.
A false pregnancy is cause by hormonal changes as a result of ovulation and spayed dogs do not ovulate.
I would have her examined by your vet, any change of behavior like this, especially in an older dog, needs to be first brought to the attention of a veterinarian.
It is also possible that in her older age being accosted by the younger dog is causing her pain. I would certainly not allow that type of behavior if they were my dogs.

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