9 week shih-tsu vs 11 week bull-terrier mix. BULLY

I have a 9 week shih-tsu & an 11 week bull-terrier mix. things have seemed to get a little better with time, but we still have an issue with the, much larger, mix bullying our shih-tsu. She steals toys, randomly jumps him, runs over him when excited and occasionally keeps an INSTIGATED fight going beyond appropriate. Shih-tsu plays major role by perpetuating and starting rough play sometimes. The problem is that the shih-tsu seems to try to get away at times and end the squabble; only my wife or I can stop it even after yelping or obvious superiority demonstrated by the mix. My real question is if we have a problem or semi-normal superiority issue. about 1/4 verbal stops it and the rest a "leave it" with a hand between stops it. I'm worried that fear in the shih-tsu is a problem or maybe i'll mess up the natural order of things by stopping play. Should i leave it, stop it all together or keep up policing when needed?

Asked by Member 794589 on Jan 20th 2009 Tagged puppies, help, question, bullying in Behavior & Training
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