9 mo Yorkie with accidents.Crated during day-sitter twice/day-2 more dogs.In my bed @night no prob.Sneaks floors inside.

Asked by Member 1199329 on Nov 14th 2013 Tagged yorkie, housetraining, housebreaking, accidentsinside in House Soiling
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Hi, I had a yorkie for 16 years They are the type of dog that need to be with somebody all day long so that they can get on a good schedule.!!!!!!! I have some very important info that YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT TOKIES AND A MATESE BECAUSE I"VE HAD BOTH! they tend to get rotten teeth really easily and require that you softly brush all of they're teeth very carefully and need to have their teeth cleened by a doggie dentist every year. If you don't their teeth will rot very easily and will have rotten breath plus they will be in pain very much. Its something that is not commonly known. My Yorkie passed in sept 2013 at age 16 of cancer. My maktese will be 8 in march but pleae, take great care of your baby's teeth and you''ll be glad you did. No matter what the pedigree is, if you dont take good care of their teeth, you wukk be sorry. Also brush/comb them often, that love it and also it prevents those horribe knot that have to be cut out Best oof luck w your new baby.

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