8 month old papihuahua, house training issues.

I got Griffey about a month ago. There have been accidents here and there, but he'd been getting a lot better. Then I decided to switch his food last weekend from Nutro Natural Choice to Nutro Ultra puppy food. I only did it over about 3-4 days. I didn't want to go out and buy a new bag of the old food and wait another month to transition him. Big mistake!

Ever since the switch, he hasn't had diarrhea (thought stool was softer at first), but he has been having WAY more poops, and is also doing them inside when before he would not. He still holds it all night with no accidents, so it's not like he physically can't do it -- but yet, during the day, he does. Just this morning he was outside for 20 minutes, he peed right away. I waited and waited and he started playing with sticks, so I figured he was done for the time being. As soon as I bring him inside, he poops on the floor. He's also had some pee accidents.

Think it's just the change in food? Will his behavior improve again?

Asked by Griffey on Oct 3rd 2008 in House Soiling
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I doubt the food had THAT much of an affect on his daily routine for going potty, because as you say, he is obviously able to hold it. However, it is VERY likely that the new food is causing him to have to go more often, as this usually happens. If he wasn't able to hold it, he would more than likely have loose stools, and would go when he is outside because he can't hold it after he pees. It is very possible that he 'got away with' pooping in the house, and now just does it because he thinks he can. Start by treating him as a young puppy and making him go poo outside again like you previously did. It is only in that way that you are going to reinforce what you want to happen, and the only way he will understand that he is doing something wrong. He is only 8 months old, so he is still a baby really, and sometimes it's difficult for us to forget that. Even up to a year or two, he could have accidents. My word count is limited here - please message me if you have more questions.

Sergeant answered on Oct 3rd.

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Papillons can be difficult to potty train. Could just be having a relapse I doubt it would be the food causing that much of an issue. Boston had a relapse in the morning he always poos and pees. Well he would pee then not 5 mins poo inside by the door. Id never catch him in the act so I could never discipline him. So I take him in the morning wait a short bit then throw him back out sure enough he did his duties and eventually got back to his normal routine again.

Boston answered on 10/3/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer