8 Month Old Akita has missing front teeth. Hard time eating?

I'm fostering an 8 month old akita male. (Not my first akita foster) I noticed when I picked him up, that his bottom, front teeth are completely gone, his eye teeth are barely visible nubs, and the teeth directly after the eye teeth are gone too.

He can't play with toys because he can't carry them around in his mouth very well. He has a difficult time eating because he can't hold food in his mouth very well.

I can only assume that this was a procedure done by the last owners and not natural. There are too many teeth gone and he is much too young. But I did notice the rest of his teeth weren't pearly white, puppy new either.

I'm thinking of keeping this sweet pup, he's the biggest cuddler I've ever met. How can I make his quality of living better? Would dental implants for dogs be an option? Can I get doggie insurance for that to help cover the cost?

I just want him to be able to hold a ball in his mouth and eat food easier. His tongue always hangs out of the gap

Asked by Member 1179842 on Jul 11th 2013 Tagged food, wellness, happy, puppy, months, akita, play, toys, teeth, missingteeth, dental, surgery, help in Health & Wellness
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One way to make his food easier to eat is to soak his dry food in hot water (dry food soaks faster and more thoroughly in hot water than in cold water) and serve his food wet. As for holding a ball, perhaps a ball that has a surface that isn't smooth would make it easier for him to grip a ball. It's amazing how animals can learn to compensate for physical handicaps, your dog may learn how to hold a ball just fine, if he wants to.

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