4 month old Coton pup won't play with toys and treats while we're gone for half hour. Just cries and barks and pants.

Our 4 month old Coton pup has trouble when we leave him for 30 mins or an hour. We put him in puppy play pen with crate, lots of toys, and treats hoping to distract him. While we're gone, he won't play with them. He will sit at door of playpen barking & panting. Is this normal for 4 month old puppy? Is this substantial separation anxiety?

Asked by Member 997637 on Jul 20th 2010 Tagged toysbarkingcrying in Separation Anxiety
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Well it is not normal, but I think you are right it is seperation anxiety. One thing you did not say, does the puppy play with toys when you are at home? Some dogs just do not play with toys, so that part the puppy could be normal. Can you leave a radio on so he has something to listen to and may relax a bit. I have used that before with success. I am sure others will have ideas.

Dunkin answered on 7/20/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer