4 month old Chow Chow / Jap Spitz tries to lunge and scratch our new 2 month old shih tzu

chow is female
shih tzu is male

I introduced them first after i fed the chow. Since the shih tzu is so small i have my bro held him so i can hold my chow and let her sniff the new pup . At first she just sniffs and the new pups sniffs her too . After that i put my chow on leash and try it on the floor . She again sniffs the new pup and after a minute lunges at her so i took her out. The shih tzu is kinda scared . So i again gold my chow but then she tried to scratch her so i jjust put her on her crate . Do you have any ideas what to do ? Should i reintroduce them again by going to neutral places ?

Asked by Nami on Oct 7th 2012 Tagged newpup, oldpup in Behavior & Training
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