3 month old Norwich terrier won't get out of 8 year old German Shepard's bed! Need a solution! Please help

Hello! I have a 8 year old German Shepard and just got a 3 moth old Norwich terrier, they are getting along and haven't had any real problems. However as my new pup gets older he is getting braver. My German Shepard's bed is on the landing of our stairs and has been using her area to escape the pup, but now atlas ( the Norwich) is following sasha( the German Shepard) up to her bed and she is not happy about it. I don't know how to stop him, I can't put a gate because then Sasha cannot get down and I don't want him to think its wrong to go upstairs. Any suggestions?? Please help!

Asked by Member 1139731 on Nov 8th 2012 Tagged puppy in Behavior & Training
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Crate for Atlas. Your gsd deserves & MUST have a place to escape the puppy. Now that Atlas can make it up the stairs you need to be creative. I was fortunate that my older guy just found his own safe spot..on my bed.
Curious why you think sasha is not happy about it? what does she do to express her displeasure? Are you stepping in, or letting them sort it out? Does pup listen when sasha tells him off?

Member 904338 answered on 11/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You clearly have not followed the proper protocol in adding a Dog to creating a Pack.
You need to stop paying so much attention to the new Dog. Support your resident GS Dog, which will help it maintain an Alpha status.

Greet the GS first when coming home.
Pet it more than the new Dog.
Feed it treats and meals FIRST.
Remove the new Dog from the Bed with "firm" scolding, while petting the resident.
Allow the GS Dog to be close/lap time, while keeping the new Dog at a distance.

There are many other things which you can do to make the new Dog realize it's NOT the Alpha. Just remember, there needs to be a pecking order, and the new dog won't mind being second, but...
Your GS WILL, and that's the way it will think things are happening when/if you treat them equally.

SNEAKERS answered on 11/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I would get the little one a bed and forbid him from going into the other dog's bed. We trained Koby not to touch Kali's food bowl and Kali not to touch his. It takes work but its doable. If your consistent and work at it, they get it. Good Luck!

Koby answered on 11/8/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer