3.75 yr old Westie-Poo tries to "prowl" towards dogs when he sees them on walks & then surprise them by lunging. Why?

He started doing this around a year ago. He's been to puppy classes and socialized with other dogs from the get go (after getting his shots and all I mean). What's also weird is that he's selective of his target. For some dogs, he'll just bound up to them normal. But for other dogs (medium size dogs in particular), he'll do the "prowl" where he gets real low to the ground and then jumps at the last minute. This scares the other owners and I totally understand so I try discourage it.

Issue is, he also starts making growling noises but wags his tail at the same time when I don't let him do this. Again, this scares the other owners and I'm embarrassed by it. Help?

Asked by Riker on Jan 4th 2012 Tagged prowl, growl, walk, jump, leashed in Leash Walking
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