2year old german shepherd cowers and urinates when my husband puts his lead on

Major our 2yr old german shepherd is one of the family never been illtreated. My husband is getting upset when Major cowers why should he do this when he always loved going for long walks with him. He is fine with me the wife.

Asked by Member 1036255 on Jun 5th 2011 Tagged germanshepherd, cowers, urinates, leash in Behavior & Training
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Hmmm...more info is needed to figure out what is really going on. Guest, I would open an account (free) & repost this in Behavior & Training Forum. That way we can ask questions & you can tell us more details. Have your hubby really think about the last "good" walk. was there ANYTHING out of the ordinary? Stepped on a thorn, bee-sting, unexpected plastic bag blowing down the street? Does hubby have a different style of walking him? Are you more relaxed? Does hubby expect a tight heel? Hubby needs to not get upset with Major, but help him get through this.Has Major gone through his second fear-stage yet?Perhaps going with hubby a few times to let Major know walks with both people are good things. But again, more info is needed to give you the best advice.

answered on Jun 5th.

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Sounds like submissive peeing. Maybe your hubby could just start spending quality time with him--cuddling, playing, fetching, etc.--until he realizes "dad" is just a pal and not an over zealous disciplinarian. The last thing he should do is get upset and discipline the dog for this behavior; it will only make it worse. I like the idea of posting on the forum!

Libby answered on 6/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yep, Join and post on forums. Membership is free and it's easy to sign up.

Your husband might try sitting or kneeling and baiting Major into the collar with a treat. The more submissive posture will reassure the dog that 'dad' means no harm.

Your husbands annoyance is surely felt by the dog, it will only perpetuate the problem. Hubbie needs to accept and help the dog get past it.

Pepper answered on 6/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer