2 year old shih tzu had a erection which wouldnt go back in

we put vaseline around the sheath and its gone back in but now he is lethargic and relutant to do anything. also it had clear fluid seeping from his penis. another thing, his erection was not like a lipstick, it was all red big and lumpy!we are planning to see a vet tomorrow as no vets are open at this time now and to see an emergency vets would be very expensive

Asked by Member 1142186 on Nov 25th 2012 Tagged penis, erection, swollen, lethargic in Other Health & Wellness
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That is all perfectly normal for a male dog who has an "outside tie". The fluid is seminal fluid, and it can take up to an hour or more for it to subside normally and return to the sheath on its own. I am sure the Vaseline was an irritant and he is most likely sore at this point.
Obviously something got him excited enough to get that far. Neutering will stop this from happening in the future.

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