Toby the Weshi

1st time dog owner - made some training mistakes. How do I reverse them? (This one especially!)

I got Toby when he had just turned 4 months old. As a 1st time pup owner I made the mistake of not wanting to put him in a crate &/or bathroom at night & let him sleep with me.This was fine when he was younger. Looking back now I know I should have crated him then so he'd be fine with it now! Now he wakes me up at least 2 times in the night to take him downstairs to potty. I want to break him of this (Because I want to sleep & don't feel safe walking him in the middle of the night) but now he cries nonstop when I crate/bathroom him at night & I live in an apartment w thin walls. Cant risk being evicted over his whining. Feeling discouraged & sleepy! LOL. How do I handle this? He's in the bathroom while I'm at work daily & seems to do ok with that, but I guess him knowing I'm home at night makes the difference. Putting him in obedience school in 2 weeks but I'm assuming it won't help w this particular issue. If anyone has any advice to offer, I will gladly take it! HELP!

Asked by Toby the Weshi on Apr 23rd 2013 Tagged crate, whining, night, potty, help in Crate Training
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