1.5yr old Pit Mix gets too aggressive with 3yr old cat after seeing a preview from My cat from hell.

Our 1.5yr old female pit mix has always had a strong bond w/ our 3yr old male cat. Always got along, sleeping & playing with eachother daily. Their play is always just that, play. Our cat loves to get on his hind legs and bat at our dog, while our dog just moves around a lot doing his best downward dog. Yesterday, while watching animal planet, a commercial came on for "My cat from hell". It showed an aggressive cat, a cat that I believe has killed another cat before. It got her attention barking at the TV. It isn't unusual for her to bark at Animal Planet - some things she could care less about while others, like polar bears, get her going. After seeing the commercial she was agitated and went over to the cat to play, but it escalated. Cat fur went flying and our dogs face is pretty scratched up. I broke up the session afraid our cat would be hurt. Today, back to normal, cat and dog getting along as if nothing happened. Thoughts?

Asked by Peanut on Apr 21st 2013 Tagged cat, play, pit, pitbull, aggression, pitbull in Aggression
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