Simi and Maghony

15 week old American bulldog biting issues! Hurry, husband won't keep pup, it giving me 1 day to straighten him out!

My 15 week old American bulldog has been biting, no biting his family members. Before our new puppy, he didn't do this. Now, after playing rough with her, he is showing signs of snapping on friends of ours and us ourselves. We have tried everything to holding his muzzle telling him no, and putting him out in the garage when he has bitten. But it doesn't seem to work. The peeing issues are over. He is becoming potty-trained! Thanks to everyone who helped by commenting! Now he is biting, and it is causing our friends to have shed blood. My American bulldog is not mean, he is a gentle pup, he loves to come when you call, and he loves to snuggle with you. But there are times when out of the blue, he becomes rambunctious and randomly charges towards someone and bite.....HARD! Now I know what it is like when a puppy chews on your hand. Its gentle. his is more hard and rough. And when we punish him, he comes more docile, and instead of biting he licks you! Please hurri

Asked by Simi and Maghony on Jun 15th 2008 in Aggression
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Your husband needs to be more patient. Nothing is going to change in a day.

He's doing what puppies do. He just happens to have a harder bite than most.

The problem isn't him. You haven't found the right way to teach him. He has no understanding of what is going on.

You need to approach it from the way a dog's brain understands.If he were to have still been with his littermates and mom, they would teach him how to have a "soft mouth" by yelping loudly and refusing to play with him. You need to do that EXACT thing.

When he bites, yelp loudly like a dog and turn you back. Don't play again for a minute or so. No punishment, no holding muzzle,pinching lip, telling "No." Just do this every time he bites and make sure everyone else does the exact same thing. No punishment. Rewards with treats for soft mouth and good play sessions. It can take a week or two but with this technique results are usually permanent because the dog UNDERSTANDS!

Please don't give up on this dog.

Jack answered on 6/15/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer

Makia 1996-2008

It sounds like your Bulldog puppy is confused on who he can play rough with and who he can't. It also sounds like he wants the dominant roll in the household. Your family need to be top dogs and your puppy needs to understand he is being too rough and its unacceptable. I think you need to find a good dog trainer in your area to help you and your family understand how to be the pack leaders and how you can have a great Bulldog without issues. It's going to take more than 1 day but with commitment and consistency it can be done. Are there people in the house who play rough with him now? If so this needs to stop, he doesn't understand he can only play sometimes and with only certain people and American Bulldogs are big and rough. It sounds like he is playing with the humans like he would with another dog. Training is the best idea and be sure everyone in the house is in on the training. Good Luck.

Makia 1996-2008 answered on 6/15/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gray Dawn Treader

I hate to say this, but this can't be fixed in a day. Guys can be so misunderstanding. I should know, my dad once tried to force me to use negative training on my dogs and he said I could use my way of training but if it didn't work even once, no second chances the dogs are going back to the pound. *sigh* He said if his way didn't work then we'd try my way. Turns out he was just bluffing...well, when he bites, ignore him and don't give him the attention he wants. It sounds like he is doing this for attention, that he doesn't want the puppy to get any. Praise him for "being good".
Best of luck, I feel for you.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 6/15/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


You puppy sounds like he has more energy than he knows what to do with, therefore he is trying to get rid of it by biting. You should try exercising him more so he is calmer and responds better to discipline. Also it seems like he is showing early signs of dominance. You need to establish yourself as the leader, and correct him the moment he starts his bad behavior. Putting him in the garage wont work. Changing his behavior will take persistence, your dog will not just change in one day.

Allie answered on 6/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


Crunch is a 5 month old AB that did the same EXACT same thing. Crunch did break skin, a few times. Their little teeth are like little razors and that is how they play with their litter mates. I would replace my hand or toe what ever he was chewing at the time with a ball or another toy I would even give him a little pop on his butt and say no. He had to learn that he wasn't playing that it hurt.. and did it worked but NOT overnight!
I was concerned but NOT about him hurting someone as much as I was worried about people acting like OH he is just a puppy and he bites like that, AB's are bad dogs! Please give him time they are the BEST dogs

CRUNCH the BULL-DOZER answered on 6/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer