13 month Shepherd bled from Dec 19-Jan 1, 14 days. Is it safe 2 go 2 dogpark yet? Length between heats? Spay now or wait

Some concerns I have are that since she finished bleeding she seems a little more aggressive, she wants attention NOW. She has started jumping up on me, pushing and barking in the house and outside for no reason that I can see. Is this normal?
We have been going for off leash walks/runs daily on private lands, and she has had lots of attention/playing while in isolation from other dogs. She also has a fenced in backyard to enjoy any time she wants. Could I have given her too much attention?
We had to euthanize her older ''sister'' 8 days before she started her heat. Before the bleeding I thought she wasn't eating and was sad because she was grieving for her sister, but now I am not sure if it's grief or the heat.
Is this normal behaviour for grieving or being in heat? Both?
How long do we have to wait before safely having her spayed now?
We had planned on having her spayed Dec 14 but had to use those funds for her sister...

Asked by Goshe on Jan 3rd 2013 in Spaying & Neutering
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She should not be with other dogs yet... "normal" heat lasts for a minium of 3 weeks and you are only in week two, which is the optimal time for most dogs to be bred.
I would assume some of her attention seeking is due to the fact that her hormones are telling her she needs a mate NOW. This should pass as she goes out of heat fully.
Most vets suggest 3 months before spaying after being in heat as most females do have some degree of false pregnancy and this causes an increased blood flow to the uterus as well as milk production and generally a more difficult surgery due to the swelling, etc.
It is normal for the bleeding to stop or become MUCH less around the optimal breeding time, which is usually from about day 14 to day 18 from the start of the bleeding so be very careful with her exposure to other dogs right now.
Often, female GSD's are a bit more aggressive to other female dogs during and after their heat so please be careful with that as well.

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