10-16 m/o foster pit/shep becomes possessive of toys w/ other dogs and started chewing the wall? How can I correct this?

I have two foster puppies (10-16mos) in my home. Both are well exercised and are able to play together all day. When they get to rough they are corrected and respond well. When they can't be supervised, for any reason, they are crated. Initially we just had the one foster, Luna (older, pit/shepherd,) who had access to a huge toy box and could chew all day. When we brought home foster #2 (Magic, younger, spaniel/pit) we removed the toys to avoid issues during the adjustment period. They are each allowed toys while in their crates. We have now begun to notice issues with food aggression with Luna. She will protect her empty bowl from Magic and they can only play with toys for a short time together until Luna gets possessive and won't let Magic near them. We also recently discovered a chewed portion of our wall that both dogs will passively lick at. We are correcting all of these behaviors and have immediate results if we catch them, but the issues in general are ongoing. Any tips?

Asked by Luna on Sep 17th 2011 Tagged food, chewingwal, toyaggression, possessiveness, foster, fosters in Chewing
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