Side effects of Rimadyl for dogs

We took our dog to vet the and he gave him rimadyl 75mg and we was to give him one aday. This med made my dog unable to walk or stand. The side effects say all this stuff but the vet never told us. My dog is now in a animal hospital were he is on iv and other meds. I wont to know has anyone elese had problem with the med and why havent the fda pulled this med because i now know its killed thousands of dog since 1997.

Asked by Member 758153 on Oct 23rd 2008 Tagged meds in Medications
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FYI you can sue the vet for the medical bills occurred while your dog was/is in the hospital. It is the vets responsibility as a doctor to discuss the possible side effects of any medication given. He/she neglected to do so and is there at fault. I know this because I knew someone that had the same thing happen. Not with this med but another. The doctor gave substandard care and therefore it can be dealt with by law.

Honey answered on 10/23/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My vet just prescribed this to my 4 yr old maltese after suffering a bout with pancreatits. Short term use to help with pain in her tummy. The vet prescribed .25 mg a day, given half in a.m., half in p.m.

Since she has taken it, she seems much more comfortable with the pain, but I notice she vomits bile at least once a day. Could be a residual effect of the pancreatitis, but to be on the safe side, unless I see she is in pain, I am going to cut out the Rimadyl. If I need to resume, I will cut the .25 mg. to half. I don't like what I am seeing about the effects, but in all honesty, my mom had 2 dogs who took it for years (a maltese and a lhasa) with absolutely no problems.

I sure hope your dog is going to be okay, are you sure it's from the Rimadyl and not from what the Rimadyl was treating?

Member 738957 answered on 10/24/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer