Alice Barrett

First shots and deworming about 10 month puppy she cries when picking her up hasn't eaten or drank water all day sleeping?

My question is kind of long sorry about it, my dog is about 10 months old and she just got her first set of shots and deworming, it was about 1:25…

ASKED BY Alice Barrett on 6/14/13
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How long does it take to vaccinate a 5month old puppy?

We are considering getting another puppy. However, our first puppy contracted parvo and although he recovered and we have sterilized our…

ASKED BY Member 1164973 on 4/13/13
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3 year/1 year distermper parvo vaccine?

**BACKGROUND INFO** I'm very upset. My boyfriend and I looked at a dog at a shelter and tried to adopt her. We have one dog now who I believed…

ASKED BY Member 1156922 on 2/25/13
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How much is the Banfield Puppy Plan? Is it worth it?

How much is the Banfield plans for puppy that include their vaccines? Has anyone been to them and have this? Any thoughts?

ASKED BY Baxter on 1/21/13
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Cham Cham

Please help me! My Shih Tzu had his booster shot last Sunday. After that, he got fever. I already gave him medications?

What should I do? He is quite playful now, but he's not eating much and hasn't pooped. I have seen a vet for his fever and he's taking medications…

ASKED BY Cham Cham on 11/16/12
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I have a small dog that got a vaccination shot recently. Shortly after that he got swollen lymph nodes in his neck?

I took him to the vet when the lumps were small - NO CANCER. He got his vaccine shot. A week later he was back at the vet because the were bigger…

ASKED BY Member 1123305 on 7/30/12
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Prolonged reaction to Bordetella vaccine?

I administered a Bordetella vaccine to my dog, a three-year-old Doberman Pinscher, two weeks ago, and since then he's had on-again-off-again…

ASKED BY Member 1123153 on 7/29/12
TAGGED bordetella, vaccine, reaction, doberman, froth, hypersalivation IN Vaccinations

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