Trouble going up the stairs and standing up sometimes?

My dog (7 yrs old) jumped off my bed yesterday morning and limped immediately after but was walking w/ no limp within a few minutes. I thought she was…

ASKED BY Roxy 3 weeks, 6 days ago
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Health of Breezer?

My 4 month old Golden retriever puppy looks little skiny. I have increased his diet but he just doesn't seem to gain weight. He is very active and…

ASKED BY Daisy on 8/15/14
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Gutural Noise?

I have a 10 yr old German Shepherd Dog, Tovar, who is my best friend. About six weeks ago I changed from his regular dog food, German Shepherd…

ASKED BY Romulus on 8/14/14
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Gag Cough. i have a new puppy that is 5 months old and has this gag cough that last a quick second. Could be when drink?

My new puppy at 5 months old does this quick gag cough. The vet told me it is definately collapse trachea because when she pressed on his neck he did…

ASKED BY Member 1037513 on 8/13/14
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Help? Andy Hayes Oregon, How to Protect Dog from Contaminated Food?

Hi, this is Andy Hayes Oregon, i love dogs and I've one, now I've been told by one of my friend that it can be a serious problem occur to if you…

ASKED BY Member 1230049 on 7/23/14
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I want my dog to have puppies?

my dog is a maltipoo she is 2 years about to turn 3 but on july 10th she had her period at what time is she fertile to have puppies her private part…

ASKED BY Member 1225289 on 7/11/14
TAGGED whencanmydogcanbefertile IN Pregnancy

Shilo Smith

Dog hurt front paw and isn't walking on it or wanting to move around or go outside?

yesterday a friend stepped on the front paw, Shilo (my pit) yelpped but was fine, she ran around the rest of the day and wasn't limping or anything…

ASKED BY Shilo Smith on 6/29/14
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