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Found stray pup - needs vaccinations - due to other ailments will be approx 5 months that she is not allowed outside.…

I found and adopted a stray dog 2 months ago (in Brazil) who is now approx 10 months old. She had Lyme disease and Babesiosis which have now been…

ASKED BY Member 1237499 on 11/17/14
TAGGED vaccination IN Health & Wellness


How do I get my shih-tzu to loose weight?

I have a shih-tzu that is a little overweight, I looked up how much she has to eat and I have been feeding her what she is supposed to be eating. I…

ASKED BY Hatchi on 11/13/14
IN Exercise

Chewbacca AKA Chewy

Can someone give me info on heart disease? and heart murmurs? Dog just diagnosed with grade 3?

I have recently adopted a boxer bulldog mix. I have owned boxers before and know they are prone to heart conditions which unfortunately the new…

ASKED BY Chewbacca AKA Chewy on 11/7/14
TAGGED heartmurmur, heartdisease IN Health & Wellness

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Puppy ate cotton balls, does she have an obstruction?

My 5 month old puppy ate 4 natural cotton balls last night then she was given a few slices of white bread by my father for an unknown reason, I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1235687 on 11/6/14
TAGGED puppy, cottonballs, obstruction, constipated, dog IN Swallowing Foreign Objects


Coconut oil for dogs?

Has anyone used coconut oil in their dog's diet? apparently there are numerous health benefits

ASKED BY Firoz on 10/9/14
IN Health & Wellness

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