Dog with pot belly?

I'm just wondering, My 10 year old min pin mix has a very large belly, it feels very hard, it doesn't feel like fat at all, besides, her limbs are…

ASKED BY ~Cherry-pie~ on 5/30/14
TAGGED belly, bloated, old, potbelly, stomach IN Senior Pet


Caring for a dog with heart murmur?

My girl was diagnosed with a grade III heart murmur, due to the heartworms she had when she was two. She loves going out for walks, should I…

ASKED BY ~Cherry-pie~ on 5/30/14
TAGGED senior, heart, heartmurmur, dog, exercise, heartproblems, olddoggie, girl IN Senior Pet


Tips on caring for a dog with medial patellar luxation?

My little boy was diagnosed with grade III medial patellar luxation :(, We looked into getting him surgery but its not guaranteed to help, besides…

ASKED BY Banjo on 5/30/14
TAGGED knee, medialpatellarluxation, dog, fitness, patellar, help IN Other Health & Wellness

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What should we do? Husky has seizures?

Dimitri the family husky had 2-3 seizures within 24 hours. We are really low on money. Like we can't pay all of the bills. My dog roxy attacks him…

ASKED BY Member 1127550 on 5/26/14
TAGGED seizure, health IN Other Health & Wellness

Otis - Dachhund mix

Hi, is it normal practice for vets to not be in attendance during the night-time - after closing time?

My dog's heart was going quite fast this a.m. but he wasn't being that active.I was about to take my grandsons out,I didn't want my dog to be on his…

ASKED BY Otis - Dachhund mix on 5/24/14
IN Health & Wellness


Acid reflux in dogs?

My dog has been sick every couple of days for the past week or two. At first I thought it was something in the food I made for her, but she has been…

ASKED BY Gypsy on 5/24/14
IN Illness & Disease


Spayed Female 8 years old platelet 1078 BUN 42 Spayed Female 2 years old ALT 397 Is this abnormal?

They are both Chihuahuas. Just moved to NC, new Vet. Not sure if they are being honest. I appreciate all help. I love my girls!

ASKED BY Carmen on 5/22/14
TAGGED bloodtestresults IN Other Health & Wellness

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