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Hi, do you know anything about the symptoms below?

My 4 year old Boxer has been; crying, shaking, panting, and has had gas for a while now. I know he is in pain- and I will take him to the vet as…

ASKED BY Member 1212211 4 days, 17 hours ago
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6 year old female boxer with sores that won't go away?

My friend has a boxer who until now has been in good health. In December 2013 she had what they thought was an anal gland infection and went to the…

ASKED BY Lincoln 2 weeks, 2 days ago
TAGGED boxer, antibiotics IN Skin Problems


Our Great Dane has had swelling on one side of his face three times in less than two years? Anyone ever experience this?

Almost two years ago I noticed that our Great Dane had swelling on one half of his head and his eye was swollen shut. The vet said that most likely he…

ASKED BY Tiger on 3/18/14
TAGGED greatdane, dane, sick, lump, swelling, puss IN Health & Wellness


Urgent, my husky has a white yellow tongue and her energy is too low and her mouth breath is too bad?

My husky dog is 3 months now. She is vaccined, but lately she is too lazy doesnt play or do anything, and her mouth smell is too bad even if she…

ASKED BY calipso on 3/16/14
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My 10 week old boxer pup recently developed a head tilt with no other symptoms or sign of pain took to vet but was unabl?

Head tilt boxer puppie

ASKED BY Member 1213163 on 2/25/14
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