Could my Yorkshire Terrier be hair sore?

My Yorkshire Terrier hates being brushed, I have tried to brush him from the first week I got him, I have tried numerous brushes and combs. When I…

ASKED BY Ozzy on 4/13/15
IN Home Grooming


My Pomeranian puppy has a weird part of coat in her back. Is this normal?

Hi! I have a six month old Pomeranian puppy. Im 50% sure she already went thru her puppy uglies and it was a mild experience (thats why im not a…

ASKED BY Lego on 2/28/15
TAGGED pomeranian, coat, weird, curly IN Home Grooming

Tia - Maria

Tips on getting rid of nasty tear stains on my little white chihuahua?

Tia has had brown tear stains ever since she was small. She'll be 7 this year and they've been stubborn ever since! We use pet wipes to remove the…

ASKED BY Tia - Maria on 1/2/14
TAGGED chihuahua, tearstains, tearstainremoval, help IN Home Grooming


Favorite Dry Shampoos? Is Borax Okay?

I'm just curious what y'all do as far as dry dog shampoos. Shasta is quite the smelly boy, so a wet-bath will only keep him good smelling for about…

ASKED BY Shasta on 12/31/13
TAGGED dry, shampoo, bath, borax IN Home Grooming

Guest Member Since

My Husky / Border Collie mix was shaved at the shelter before we adopted him, will it grow back?

We just adopted a Husky / Border Collie mix that was shaved at the shelter/rescue he was at because he was a stray and they wanted to make sure he…

ASKED BY Member 1175809 on 6/17/13
TAGGED husky, bordercollie, collie, coat, fur, shaved, shave IN Home Grooming


I clipped my dogs nail too short, what do I do?

I was clipping my dogs nails and its hard to tell where the vain is because his nails are black. It started bleeding and I applied pressure and put…

ASKED BY mozart on 5/30/13
TAGGED nails, grooming, bleeding, dog IN Home Grooming


Will my Pomeranian loose his hair?

Yesterday I gave my Pomeranian a hair cut. I have cut his hair be for and had no problem, except I used to cut his hair with really horrible house…

ASKED BY Charlie on 4/18/13
IN Home Grooming

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