Can a gsd be an outdoor dog?

Ok so a while ago I posted the question "where should I keep my gsd pup?" We'll people are getting wrong idea! I would have said more about the room…

ASKED BY Lucy on 2/5/13
TAGGED gsd, outdoors, room IN Dogs and a Clean Home


Where should I keep my puppy?

I asked a question on " why is my puppy biting so much?" Well a few people answerd and said that she needed more exersize and that she has to be in…

ASKED BY Lucy on 2/4/13
TAGGED dog, outside, puppy, trouble IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Why did my dogs nipples disappear?

I adopted a three month old pup a few months ago, she is spayed and easy to train. I spend a lot of time at home since I am a student but I went…

ASKED BY Member 1153453 on 2/3/13
TAGGED dog, dogs, pup, puppy, adopt, nipplesgone, nipplesdisappeared, doggyquestion, curious IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Is pepprmint oil okay to use around dogs to get rid of mice Could it have the unwanted effect of not using the dog door?

I want to use peppermint oil around my doggie door where mice are entering, as I can't keep it closed during day, and they are now in my house. I want…

ASKED BY Member 1151585 on 1/23/13
TAGGED peppermintoil, dog, doggiedoor, mice IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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I have a mixed lab/shepherd female dog which I can not keep since I had to move into a Senior Apt due to personal reason?

I have had a for 7 years and I am so very sad but I would like to find a home for her. She is a bit hyper and she is fixed. She has only known one…

ASKED BY Member 1150703 on 1/18/13
IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Solution for a weak bladder?

my dog constantly wets indoors when he gets excited. He had a big op recently and has recovered most of his facilties except he has a very weak…

ASKED BY Member 1148324 on 1/5/13
IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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Is there a natual inexpensive way to keep the grass from turning yellow after my dog urinates?

I worry about giving her those tablets with chemicals just so my grass looks nice but right now my yard is a yellow disaster.

ASKED BY Member 1147982 on 1/3/13
TAGGED grass, yellow, urine IN Dogs and a Clean Home

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