Had Nico to the vet today, his weight is 26lbs and he's 17wks old, vet said he's a bit lean?

Now I'm worried he's too skinny. And also he' always has the runs or soft stools. He's on bakers puppy food but should I try something else?

ASKED BY Nico on 8/2/13
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We are moving to an house with an yard and it's a bit deserted. I know they have hunting instinct so I wonder what happens when there are many farms…

ASKED BY Member 1181112 on 7/18/13
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Will my coat get fluffier?

Haku is almost 4 months. His fur is very close to his body and not as bushy as my other husky when she was his age. I know some are less fluffy than…

ASKED BY Haku on 6/19/13
TAGGED coats IN Siberian Husky

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At what age do huskies mature?

I have a husky who is now 1 years old and she is very mature. What is a normal age for a husky to settle down like an adult and lose the playfulness…

ASKED BY Member 1152495 on 1/29/13
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Are Siberian Huskies good with kids?

Hi there I am getting a 8 week old Siberian Husky in a few weeks, I have done lots of research on the breed but some peoples experiences are really…

ASKED BY Member 1144251 on 12/8/12
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According to the precious owner, Laika is a husky with some wolf in her. But I was wondering is she really even husky? o?

Laika is the newest member of our family. We got her from a previous owner that was not taking proper care of her. The owner told us that she is Husky…

ASKED BY Laika on 8/15/12
TAGGED mix, wolf, husky, shepherd, white, germanshepherd, siberianhusky IN Siberian Husky

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How do you edit something in a question, if you have 1 hr to do it but, the symbol you click on doesnt take you to wher?

I think I mightve gotten the catagory wrong and I wanted to see if I could edit that in previous question but, apparently I cant edit at all.

ASKED BY Balto - Retired Service Dog on 3/9/12
TAGGED ithinkthethesecatagoriesmightbetherightonesbut, imnotsureregardingthelastquestionijustpostedprevioustothisone IN Siberian Husky

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