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Halloween Goes to the Dogs

65% of Dog Owners Plan to Celebrate "Howloween" with Activities and Costumes

San Francico, CA - October 19, 2007
Halloween isn't just for the kids anymore, dogs are getting in on the tricks and treats too. According to a recent survey by Dogster.com, 65% of dog owners will be including their pooches in Halloween festivities this year.

Whether competing in costume contests, going door-to-door or greeting candy-seekers at home, dogs will be having plenty of fun on Halloween night.

Why It's Doggone Fun
Justin Rudd organizes the world's largest pet Halloween event, the Haute Dog Parade in Long Beach, California. He says both dogs and their owners enjoy the energy and excitement of the holiday: "These events take place so dogs can socialize and their people can socialize."

Last year, over 550 dogs marched in the parade. "The dogs have thousands of people watching them, kids giving them treats and pats as they go by," Rudd says. "They are so stimulated."

Top Costumes for Dogs
Dogster's survey showed 40% of dog owners have definite plans to dress up their pets this year, and 72% of those plan to buy their costumes rather than make them at home. So what will these canines masquerade as?

Casey Whitcher, owner of the high-volume web retailer GlamourDog, says newly available costumes are always the most popular, and October brings in huge sales, second only to the December holiday rush. Skunks and hot dogs were 2006 best-sellers, while sharks and elephants are leading the pack in 2007. Perennial favorites include ladybugs and bumblebees.

For dogs entering contests, Rudd suggests tried-and-true ways to beat the competition. "You've got to do something to stand out. It could be a motorized float or a grouping of dogs. In last year's parade, we had five pugs in jail suits, riding in a wagon called the Pugitentiary." Other winners included a choo-choo train, gnome, grim reaper, aviator, geisha and lobster.

Survey respondents overwhelmingly chose Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean as the coolest costume this year.

Do Dogs Get Spooked?
Some dogs find Halloween simply scary. Loud noises, ringing doorbells and freaky costumes top the list of frightening stuff. Owners also need to exercise extra caution to ensure their pets stay safe and don't eat candy, especially chocolate.

43% of survey respondents admitted their costumed pooches resent having to wear holiday garb, though many end up in it nonetheless. The majority of dogs, though, can't wait to embrace the eerie events, according to their human companions anyway.

Survey Highlights
  • 65% of dog owners will be including their pooches in Halloween festivities this year.
  • 40% have definite plans to dress up their dogs.
  • 72% of those dressing up their dogs will be buying their outfits rather than making them at home.
  • 46% percent think the coolest costume of the year is Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • 43% say their pets resent wearing costumes.
  • 19% of dog owners say their pets love getting gussied up for Halloween, the more outrageous the outfit, the better.
Top-Selling Dog Costumes of 2007

Top-Selling Dog Costumes of 2006
Hot Dog*

*Source: GlamourDog

More Stats

  • 2006 U.S. Spending on Pets: $38.5 billion*
  • 2007 U.S. Spending on Pets: $40.8 billion (estimated)*
  • Number of Dogs in the U.S.: 74.8 million*
  • Number of Cats in the U.S.: 88.3 million*

*Source: American Pet Product Manufacturers Association

Press Contact

Angela Moore, Managing Editor

About Dogster, Inc. - www.dogster.com

Dogster, Inc., maker of the Dogster.com and Catster.com online communities, is based in San Francisco, California. Online since January 2004, its sites offer entertainment, information, sociality and services to more than a million monthly visitors from over 150 countries. It is the fastest-growing pet community in existence.

About the Haute Dog Parade - www.hautedogs.org

The seventh annual Haute Dog Howl'oween Parade & Pet Adoption Fair will take place on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2007, at 2:30 p.m. in Long Beach, California. The parade is the world's largest Halloween event for pets. 500+ dogs in all shapes and sizes are expected to help raise funds for the 501c3 nonprofit Community Action Team (CAT), which benefits animal welfare projects.

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GlamourDog launched its flagship retail boutique in upscale Frisco, Texas in October of 2004 to complement its online presence. The store and website offer luxury dog collars, carriers, clothing, furniture and more for pampered pooches.